Her Body of Critical Theory
by Andrea E. Woods Valdés

Her Body of Critical Theory by Andrea E. Woods Valdés is a 2-minute videodance created as a contribution to the Tiny Choreographies as/in/of Critical Theoryfinal group project for Experiments in Critical Theory taught by Rosemary Candelario at Texas Women’s University, Fall 2018. I entered the choreography by way of certain words from the course readings and one of my past performances; words that provoked images and movement like: resist, directionality, turn and shift. The embodiment of these words converses with them and their ability to talk back, resist erasure and claim agency. This body/theory conversation speaks to vision and future and, as Grace Kyungwon Hong relates in Death Beyond Disavowal, “…a time of impossibility, where we work toward another horizon of possibility in the future, and also where there exists a radical forcing of impossible conjunctures now so as to acknowledge the unknowable inherent in the present" (Hong 149). 

After filming the movement, I worked backwards and asked how the text could now speak to this moving body, this dancing body, this dance, this dancer? Some text spoke to me, others whispered, shouted or called out. That is how they came to appear in the videodance. The creative process took approximately eight hours; one-hour filming and seven hours to compose the music and edit the audio and video. As a resource for additional engagement with the texts, I have included a list of works cited in the videodance that were both thought provoking and dance provoking for me. Moving toward essence, the tiniest pixels of essence we gather these works together to bring image, form and action to both humble and grand ideas.

Her Body of Critical Theory by Andrea E. Woods Valdés - https://youtu.be/NYeqHqEc3JE

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